Your mobile device could be affecting your sleep. How to change your settings and improve sleep!

One of the things that I find I am discussing more and more both within Sandford Chiropractic Bridgend and with friends and family, is sleep. It seems the people of the county of Bridgend may be struggling to sleep well.

While Chiropractors normally concern themselves with back pain, neck pain and so forth, here at Sandford Chiropractic we believe that in order to maximise human potential we have to consider all facets of human health and wellbeing, and the effects of our daily routine.

I have posted before about how electronic devices could potentially be degrading our postures and health, now however those devices may be contributing to poor sleep due to the type of light on the screens.

So why is using a tablet or PC or phone and so on… potentially bad for our sleep? 

  • These devices are blue light enriched, and have more blue light than other forms of light.
  • Blue light is short wavelength and also contributes to eye strain when using devices at night.
  • Melatonin, put simply, is our sleep hormone. Blue light is shown to reduce melatonin affecting restful quality sleep.
  • Typically people exposed to blue light before bed take longer to wake up and are generally sleepier in the morning.
  • Blue light from screens tricks your body into thinking it’s not as late as it really is, and can disrupt your natural sleep-awake cycles. Which, recent studies in America have shown, can be harmful to our health and wellbeing.  healthly living chiropractor care Bridgend
  • Children using these devices before bedtime could struggle to settle and take longer to fall asleep.


As a Bridgend Chiropractor dedicated to helping my patients achieve wellness and optimal function, the solution is very simple – don’t expose yourself to blue lights before bed.


However, if you cannot do without a last minute bit of time on your mobile/tablet/PC before retiring for the evening, here is the solution: 

  • If using a PC or laptop get a program called “f.lux” which will convert your screen to an orange / reddish hue which will reduce the blue light greatly. Which is in turn good for Sleep hormones!
  • Most Apple devices are equipped with a night mode, or night shift mode, which will automatically change the hue of the screen after dark. Accessible via your settings menu.
  • Android devices can be helped by downloading a free app called “Bluelight Filter” from the play store, it is completely free. Some devices have a night mode built in, but if not, the app can do the same thing.


It will take a bit of getting use to, but if you do this, your nervous system and hormone system will be very grateful to you! And who doesn’t want to have better sleep and wake up feeling tip top in the morning? I know I do!