Chiropractic Bridgend Pancake Day!

It has been a busy time at Sandford Chiropractic Bridgend recently. But the question on most of my patients lips has been, “are you having pancakes on Tuesday?” My reply, was “I shall be having pancakes with my wife and son in the morning, definitely!” 

So why are pancakes important? ‘Pancake day’ is the day immediately beforehealthly living chiropractor care Bridgend the start of lent. Also called Shrove Tuesday. The word shrove, is a variant of shrive meaning, absolve. The idea being that all your indulgent foods are used up before the start of lent. Years ago, people would go and confess their sins. So, what has this to do with a Chiropractor you may wonder? We are now in a new year, and wouldn’t we all like to make some improvements to ourselves, be that, leading a healthier lifestyle, or finally getting rid of that issue that has been causing all those pain symptoms in our back for the past 8 to 10 years? 

The latest developments in Sandford Chiropractic Bridgend demonstrate that Chiropractic care isn’t just good for back aches, and that there are a number of other positive effects too. As your Bridgend Chiropractor it is my pleasure and duty to share that people are reporting; more energy, better sleep, less pain, less headaches, better concentration, more activity in their daily lives. This is certainly encouraging feedback.  

So, with the rest of 2018 in front of us, and possibly several more weeks of winter, here are some tips from this Chiropractor of Bridgend: 

  • Dress yourselves and your little ones warm.  
  • Have yourself and your loves ones checked by a Chiropractor
  • Remember kids don’t regulate body temperatures like adults do. Put a hat on your baby or toddler! 
  • Stay active! The more lively your metabolism the better you’re going to feel. Movement is life everybody! 
  • If there is ice on the floor, take it slow in the car, or on foot. If you’re 3 or 4 minutes late, so what? The world shall continue spinning for those minutes anyway. Don’t risk your safety.  
  • And most importantly, eat those pancakes! 


Love Your Spine!… 

Because we are so close to Valentine’s day, it is Sandford Chiropractic’s great pleasure to announce to Bridgend, that we will be starting the “Love your spine” promotion.

Any bookings made between the 14th and 28th of February for a New Patient Initial Assessment, (which includes extensive full history,  neurological screening, orthopaedic examination, and use of our specialist technology to check your spine beneath the skin!) will be discounted by 50%, making it yours for just £22.50! The appointment itself doesn’t have to be in February if you have a lot on this month, as long as the booking for new patient initial assessment is made during this window, the discount applies and we’ll see you in March!  

Stay safe and warm!