Celebrating One Year of Sandford Chiropractic!

Big hello to Bridgend from your Bridgend Chiropractor. It has been a busy time lately. We have recently welcomed the arrival of our newest member of the family, baby Hugo. So this Bridgend Chiropractor is not just up to his neck in back pains and neck pains, but also dirty nappies! But that’s ok, because there is nothing more important than family. Am I right?  

But Hugo wasn’t the only one who had a birthday recently, Sandford Chiropractic Bridgend celebrated its one year opening anniversary! I can scarcely believe it! A whole year! I want to thank everybody behind the scenes, everybody who came to sort their spines out, and everybody who ever taught me anything to do with Chiropractic to make it all possible. To mark such an important occurrence your Bridgend Chiropractor – me – and the people behind the scenes that make it all happen are offering for the rest of July a 50% reduction on our extensive and thorough Initial Consultation. 

The Initial Consultation is a good opportunity to: 

  • Allow me to absorb all the considerations of your body as a whole before we start adjusting you. 
  • Some people have suffered with pain and ill health for a long time, so, its good to have an opportunity to “Get it off your chest” am I right? 
  • My examination technique and my equipment allow me to find not just the site of the pain, but the source of the pain. Where it hurts, may not be where the real issue is. 
  • And above all, you’re worth the time and effort. If it was your family pet you would spare no expense or time with the vet, am I right?  So many people need and deserve help but don’t pursue it for various reasons.   
  • You get to know me and vice versa. Good healing is based on trust and understanding between practitioner and patient. That hopefully starts at the Consultation.  


We appreciate that fun in the sun is important, but remember, health can’t wait! Nor should it. So what better than the gift of Chiropractic?