Reasons why you should see this Bridgend Chiropractor

How do you think of Chiropractic care? 

“I don’t need a chiropractor, I don’t have any pain.” This is something your Bridgend Chiropractor hears a lot when he takes to the streets like my recent visit to McArthur Glen Bridgend or, “the pines” as its colloquially known. 

That is like saying: “I don’t need a dentist, I don’t have toothache.” Or, “I don’t need a GP, I don’t feel unwell.” 

Most of us have both a dentist and a GP on standby, so, why not a Chiropractor? Unfortunately, Chiropractic, even though it is the third largest healthcare profession in the UK, is thought of as a pain relief pursuit. Only something you use when you have a back ache or a sore neck. While it is true, Chiropractic is as good for back ache and sore necks as dentistry is for gum disease and fillings. We are only scratching the surface with back aches and sore necks. 

Did you know Chiropractic can usually help with:

  • Certain headaches 
  • Posture 
  • Minor sporting injuries 
  • Limited motion 
  • Stiffness 
  • Migraine prevention and management 
  • Sciatica 
  • And tension 

Just to name a few. Chiropractic is a wellness based health profession, concerned with enabling individuals to function to the best of their ability. So why is chiropractic as important as dentistry you may wonder? That is a long story, but, I shall attempt to be brief… 

All animals on planet Earth can be divided up into two groups. Vertebrates, and invertebrates. 

As a human, you are a vertebrate. Vertebrates have a spine, and a spinal cord. Your spine and spinal cord are the link between your brain, and the rest of your body. Every instruction your brain issues, and every piece of information your body sends back to the brain must first pass through the spinal column. The better condition your spine the better this communication, the better you function and feel. Simple as that. This is why chiropractic is important.  

We brush our teeth two times a day, every day, and see our dentist every 6 months for checkups, more, if there is a problem. However, unlike teeth, spines are not replaceable. If you lose teeth, or they become badly damaged, that’s unfortunate for sure, but you can have false, or implants, which will successfully perform the same function. The same is not true of the spine. 

Chiropractic is not “alternative” or “complimentary” it is a unique, and essential form of healthcare, as essential as medicine and dentistry.  

As Bartlett Joshua Palmer, one of the founders of the profession once put it, “Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health, and what causes man to live.”

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