Is your Dad your superhero? This Father’s Day give the gift of better health…

Introduce your Dad to the ‘super powers’ of Chiropractic!

We have a great deal to keep him fighting fit! For the next 7 days only, we are offering our New Patient Assessment AND first Chiropractic Session for just £45. That is a massive saving of £40 off the usual rate.

What’s included?

1. The New Patient Assessment (approx 1 hour duration)

What happens at a New Patient Assessment with Sandford Chiropractic Bridgend? 

  • Phase 1

    You arrive at Sandford Chiropractic Bridgend, and after your warm welcome you will be asked to complete our health history form where you can outline your problems and ongoing health concerns. 

  • Phase 2

    Using a state of the art Space Federation approved spine scanning kit* (see below for more detail) imported from the United States, we take some readings of your spine to give us an idea of what your overall function is. After all, a 4 out of 10 pain for you, could be like a 6 or 7 out of 10 to somebody else. 

  • Phase 3 

    You are examined using relevant orthopaedic testing to determine where the symptoms are originating from. Additionally, there will be some neurological screening to make sure that all your nerves are functional and operating at a satisfactory level. Then we wrap it up with a question and answer session. You’ll then book your next appointment, which we call the Report of Findings.


2. The Report of Findings & first Chiropractic adjusting session

You will be fully informed of what Mike the Chiropractor has found out and concluded as a result of your assessment, and he will present you with a plan of action. If you wish to go ahead and consent to commence Chiropractic care, you will then have your first adjustments!


If you would like to take advantage of this offer which includes a New Patient Assessment AND your first chiropractic follow up session, please get in touch and we’ll book you/your Dad in.

Give us a ring or Facebook message by 9pm on Wednesday 19th June 2019 to make your booking!

To book simply email or Facebook message us or Tel.01656 503514

Full payment of £45 is due at the New Patient Assessment.