Posture correction treatments in Bridgend, Pencoed, Cowbridge, Porthcawl and South Wales

A chiropractor can assist in improving your posture including slouching and forward head translation by realigning your spine to ensure that the body is functioning as well as possible for you.

Chiropractic therapy is suitable for a number of postural problems such as:

  •     Damage to the normal curvature of the neck, midback and low back
  •     Pelvis/hip levelling
  •     Forward head posture


Your chiropractor will initially undertake an examination which will include:

  •     Review of your medical history
  •     Observation of the your sitting and walking posture
  •     Review of your spinal alignment
  •     Orthopaedic and neurological testing
  •     Measurement of any change from ideal posture
  •     Tests to measure both your flexibility and mobility
  •     Tests to measure the ranges of motion available
  •     Tests of muscle strength and length

If you are concerned about your posture in Bridgend, Cowbridge, Pencoed, Porthcawl or the surrounding areas of South Wales please contact us today.