Shoulder pain treatments in Bridgend, Cowbridge, Pencoed, Porthcawl and South Wales

The shoulder is made up of several joints, tendons and muscles which work together to provide a range of motion to the arm. The majority of shoulder problems involve the soft tissues-muscles, ligaments, and tendons-rather than bones.

The most common shoulder problems includes:   

  • Tendonitis / Bursitis

A tendon is a cord that connects muscle to bone or other tissue. Most tendonitis is the result of a wearing process that takes place over a period of years this can manifest itself as acute tendonitis following overuse from activities such as excessive sports or work related activities. Chronic tendonitis resulting from degenerative disease or repetitive wear and tear due to age.

Sometimes, excessive use of the shoulder leads to inflammation and swelling of a bursa, a condition known as bursitis. Bursas are fluid filled sacs located around the joint that lessen the friction caused by movement of the shoulder. The joint may stiffen as a result, a condition called a “frozen shoulder.”

  • Injury / instability

Sometimes the bones in one of the shoulder joints move (or, in an injury, are forced) out of their normal position. This condition, instability, can result in dislocation of one of the joints in the shoulder. Recurring dislocations, which may be partial or complete, cause pain and unsteadiness when you raise your arm or move it away from your body.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is another cause of shoulder pain . There are many types of arthritis, but generally it involves wear and tear changes with inflammation of the joint, causing swelling, pain, and stiffness.

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